Bind Blue 2-1 to Hue Lights that are joint to hue hub with hubitat

Is there a way to bind the Blue 2-1 switch to Hue Bulbs that are paired to Hue Hub and then the Hue Hub to Habitat?

I want the bulbs accessible in Hue’s Hub for special effects I have for events, but also want the Blue switch to be able to control them directly. incase the hub goes down.

Using Hubitat , have Zigbee Bindings App, but it does not see the bulbs as they are par of the hub, but each bulb is visible in hubitat.

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Not possible (and not a Hubitat limitation) – Hue bulbs on the Hue bridge cannot be bound to Blue. To bind, both endpoints must be paired on the same controller (currently, your Hue bulbs can be accessed on Hubitat, but they are not paired to it).

Dam that is what I was afraid of, Screws up my plans on 4 switches.

Couldn’t you use scenes to control the hue bulbs?

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Right on… I was originally planning to do some binding, but the speed/responsiveness of just using rules/scenes is totally good enough – I’m sure binding is that much faster, but that difference would be totally lost on us.

I know another advantage of binding is hub-down yadda yadda, but in all the years I’ve had HA stuff up-&-running, I’ve never had that happen so that’s a risk I’ll happily take.