Binding double (or more) clicks to bulbs via HA and Z2M

Newbie here.

I’ve got the Blue switch & it works great (once I figured out that the electricians ran a neutral to the attached ceiling light but didn’t connect it at the fixture). I’ve got it bound to a group of Hue bulbs, on/off and dimming work great.

My question - is it possible to bind other events besides on/off and dimming to devices? I’d like to have double, triple, etc. clicks run through scenes; or, have a single click turn on one set of lights, a double click turn on more lights, etc.

I know I can do this as an automation in HA, but I’d like to do as much though binding as possible. I’d like everything to work “normal” for a visitor who comes to the house. I’d also like it to work even when (not if) the HA server goes down and I’m on vacation 2000 miles away.

Thanks in advance!

At this time, binding can only be done through the regular on/off/dim. Everything else must be setup as automations through HA.

While double/triple/quadruple clicking lights may be “normal” for us tech people, 99% of visitors would never even think to double click on a light switch. To them, it’s just not normal at all. But the ability to have it control other devices when HA is down would definitely be a nice perk.

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Is it possible then to bind the on/off/dim states, but have a double tap control the physical relay? In our bedroom we have hue bulbs in our lamps which I’d like to bind to the switch, but have a double tap control the load of the switch which is our non-smart bulb ceiling lights.

Just thinking out loud here, completely untested.
You could try to enable smart bulb mode and setup your binding to your hue bulbs. Then you could setup an automation on your hub on the double tap event to turn the switch entity on/off.

The unknowns, and why I’m just thinking out loud, is I’m not sure if the actual switch needs to be on for the single tap to send the binding command. But if what you’re looking to do is possible, that would be how it’s done.