Black dimmer can't handle multiple commands at once?

Does this happen to anyone else? I’ve created children devices for my black series dimmer including disable remote control, disable local control and the led color
Depending on the automation, I can be turning off the switch, turning on the disable local control and changing the led color at the same time in smartthings. I’ve found that the switch can’t handle all of that at once. Has anyone seen this behavior? Is there a workaround besides giving about 10 seconds between each of the commands?

I wonder if this might just be overwhelming the Z-Wave mesh?

4 signals shouldn’t overwhelm the mesh. I have some zooz power measuring plugs that constantly report power. I also put the house in away mode and shut off many zwave devices. This issue is purely when I’m trying to send a few commands to the single switch at once via a few children devices. I would love to know if this issue is repeatable by others as well, or it is really just me. When I test, I’m not trying to do anything else in the house.