Black Friday 2019 Deal - ON SALE NOW!

Edit: You can find it here!

Alright everyone, I’m going to let you in on a little secret for Black Friday (this will be available to both US and Canada sorry, we will announce a separate deal shortly in a separate thread due to the bulbs not having IC Certification). It’s going to be an epic deal on the Dimmers – don’t worry Pre-Orders, it’s not as great as the deal you got, but it’s still sweet non-the-less.

Here’s my advice to everyone who hasn’t purchased dimmers yet and are considering it. Hold off on buying any dimmers until we open the Black Friday deal next week when we open up the deal on our site.

I can’t say more right now, but just know it involves Dimmers and our new RGBW Bulbs… possibly some free product.

More to come once the remaining Pre-Orders are fulfilled!


Can you please send an e-mail out to subscribers when this deal launches?

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Yes definitely - @Brianna_Inovelli is working on this for sure!


I was hoping you guys would get in on the Black Friday action. After I switched my hub from Wink to Hubitat, in preparation for my 6 new dimmers, I found out that my two Quirky Tapt switches don’t work with Hubitat :sleepy:. So, I need to pick up another couple switches. I was actually hoping for a deal on the on/off switches since one of the switches is hooked up to a switched outlet. I’m curious about those RBGW bulbs…

Definitely interested in some RGBW lights…really hoping you guys make some indoor floods size for can lights.

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Yes, I would also be interested in RGBW BR30s as well as the A19s.

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Super excited for you guys to get in on these deals :slight_smile: I just posted about how to sign up here: New email subscriber list

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Just got my pre-order dimmer in today, installed right away! Super easy to config and setup the additional scenes!! i love it!! Can’t wait to get another dimmer!

Thanks for making the non-neutral work, I have 2 lights in my basement that really needed this solution and I’m glad you guys came through!

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I got my dinner in today and couldn’t be more excited! However, I didn’t receive my bypasses. I did confirm I was supposed to get them and spoke with support to double check as well. When will these arrive? Or were they supposed to ship together and mine got missed?

I’m usually excited when I get my “dinner” too! :smiley:


I. Won’t be able to browse this community in the next weeks because I’ll be working extra hours to buy those damn dimmers I really wants to complete my setup. . I hate (love) you :joy: I might need 6 dimmers and 1 switch.

Is there a black version of the dimmer? I really don’t need but still love the power and consumption of the red series and others stuff it’s packed with.

Please god don’t make it too much of an awesome deal :frowning:

Lol, we only have love for you my man haha!

Yes, there is a Black Series version of these too. But we know you’d prefer the Red :wink:

It’s going to be an awesome deal, sorry haha! Put in that OT!

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So uh, what day are you planning on posting the deal? :grin:

Lol! We will release the deal likely tomorrow when the dimmers arrive and everything is sent out :slight_smile:


@Eric_Inovelli For us canadien folks… Is the deal gonna be available on or only on your website?

Great question - on our site only. But we’ll ship to Canada, I promise.

You would need to collect sales tax or ship to Canada via USPS, otherwise UPS/FedEx/DHL will bend us over backwards on “brokerage” charges…

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