Black+red in a dual gangbox questions


In my office, I have a ceiling fan which is controlled by 2 toggle switches - one controls the light and the other controls the fan. I was considering buying a Black on/off for the fan and a Black or Red dimmer for the light. My questions:

  1. I currently have two 60 W incandescent bulbs in the fan. I assume there are no issues there?
  2. I assume that an on/off switch will be OK with the ceiling fan, correct?
  3. What about fit - I imagine it will be a really tight fit. Is heat an issue, particularly with a dimmer?


You will probably need to break some of the heat-sink tabs off the sides of the switches in order to fit them side by side, but I dont think you would run into any problems. The heat sink tabs are not really used for the on/off (since it is just powering a relay), so breaking the tabs off wont cause any performance issues. Breaking tabs off the dimmer will reduce the maximum load, but should work just fine for 2x 60W bulbs. Assuming you only need to remove 3 of the tabs, I believe the limit is 500W on the dimmer.

The dimmers are not safe to use with fans, but according to this post, the black on/off should be able to power a fan up to 400W without issue.

Thanks! Yeah, I would only use the dimmer for the lights and on/off for the fan. I currently have an ancient Monoprice on/off relay in the wall controlling the fan and thought about replacing it with the Aeon Labs Dual nanoswitch, but the Inovelli switches are so cool.