Black/Red series On/Off for fan?

I was wondering if the Black and/or Red Series On/Off switches will work to just turn on/off a ceiling fan with no issue? I dont want it to control the speed of the fan.

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Hey, great question! Yes, they will work with up to a 300W Inductive load.

Here’s some more info that will help:

Have a great day!

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Thank you very much Eric, and I look forward to filling my house with your devices! I hope you and your family are doing well during this time!

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You’re welcome and thanks so much for the support – it really means a lot :slight_smile:

Hope you’re staying safe as well and have an awesome day!

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I’m currently using one of my reds with a fan and a double tap routine to turn a zigbee relay for a separate light. it works like a charm!

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Sorry if it seems that I am hijacking this thread (I didn’t want to create yet another fan post)… will the black on/off switches work with my ceiling fan? I can’t figure out how to determine inductive load.

Here is a picture of the tag on my ceiling fan.

@makirules - Possibly with only .8A, but I would highly recommend waiting for the fan+light switch.

Thank you. Only thing that I won’t like if I get the fan/light switch…is the extra space where the other switch was (I currently have 1 switch for the fan light, and another for the fan)

Ahh so one has fan/light combo, the other justvfan? You could program extra light button to do something else.

Except if you look at the manual enclosed with the red series switch, it specifies that the switch should not be used with a fan. i.e. an inductive load. The only thing that is a bit confusing is that the paragraph refers to the switches as “dimming” switches. So I’m wondering if that block was only supposed to be in the dimmer manual.

Page 4, top right:

Here is a crappy paint drawing of the switches in my master bedroom.The middle switch controls JUST the light on the fan. The left switch controls JUST the fan (on/off).

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I’ve been using 5 on/off switches for bath fans. Work great, but doesn’t pull much amperage. Since Eric said they were fine for small inductive loads, I figured I’d try.

I also have wiring pictures of these switches as I have replaced all of them with rocker dumb switches and 1 inovelli red series dimmer switch (the one for the recessed lighting).

@makirules Ahhh I see now. Basically a 14/3 was ran up to the fan from the switch. The red is used for light. I cant remember if there was a switch on the roadmap that worked for a setup like yours or not. You can always do a filler plate or fan switch that’s coming out and possibly a dimmer with no load to be another scene controller.

.8 A is almost 100 watts. Since you’re controlling the light via another switch (dimmer) I don’t see the issue. However, I’m not an electrician, but if it was my house, I’d have no problem. Starting amp be about the only concern.

Yeah the starting thing worries me. Safest for me would be to wait for the fan/light combo and try to do that. That is going to take a little more sitting down and looking at the manual though. I briefly skimmed it earlier and it was a little harder to understand (for me that is)

Inrush cant be that high on a ceiling fan motor. It’s not like it’s starting a compressor. Do you operate the fan on low, medium, or high? .8 is at hi speed. Lower the speed, lower the amperage.

At the risk of committing blasphemy, you could buy another smart switch that is actually rated for a fan.

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Haha true right?!? Or wait for Projects Hurricane and Windy City like the rest of us…freedom of choice is a good thing.

@makirules is going to need Windy City, which may be a while. He just needs an on/off, I think.

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