Black series 4-way wiring

I am trying to install the lzw30 in a 4 way situation. It is a large room with 4 dumb switches that control the lights. I wanted to install the lzw30 in a single gang junction box. When I opened the box I found two red wires that I assume are the traveler wires attached to the dumb switch. There is only one place for a traveler wire on the smart switch. I do have a neutral wire.

How do I wire the lzw30 with two travelers?

@stan - It sounds like you found the 4 way switch with two red travelers. You won’t be able to install it here. You need to find where the source from the load center arrives. See attached photo.

You need to put the inovelli switch where the most right switch. Each house is different, so your wiring may not be exact.

Thank you for your reply. I will do that.

That wiring diagram did the trick for me. I found the correct switch to replace and it installed and worked great. Thank you again for the help.

@stan - Great to hear.

What if your power comes in at the 4 way switch?
Any help would be great

@RobB - That would be a first for me. All I’ve ever seen was power comes into a 3 way. 4 way always in the ‘middle’ of the switches.