Black series dimmer not holding status

I installed a black series dimmer on a new second floor. When I turn on or off the dimmer it tries to and reports turningon or turningoff and then times out. It does occasionally turn it on or off but then often doesn’t report the right status. Checked the range and it reports green. Any suggestions?

Hey @BlackJack514 - what hub are you using?

I’m assuming ST, but just want to make sure!

Sorry, I should have mentioned. Yes, Smartthings.

Hey @BlackJack514 – sorry for the delay here. Does it act similarly to the video in this post? Specifically the last 30 seconds of the video?

You can try as @prjct92eh2 suggests and run a Z-Wave refresh to see if that fixes it. Here’s how you do it in the new app:

  • Click on the three lines at the top left to access the menu
  • Click on, “Devices” and type, “Hub”
  • Select your Hub
  • Then click on the three dots at the top right of the screen and select, “Z-Wave Utilities”
  • Then click, “Repair Z-Wave network” and do not touch any Z-Wave devices

Can you let us know if that fixes it?