Black Series Dimmer Switch: No Neutral, Light Flickers Even With LUT-MLC

I bought four black dimmer switches. I installed them on four separate fixtures that do not have neutral wires. Each fixture is wired with a Lutron LUT-MLC, and has two 60 watt equivalent Phillips LEDs. Previously, I used C by GE smart dimmers and on/off switches without any problems. However, the Inovelli black dimmers do not work. The LED on the switch goes red=>blue=>green and cannot be programmed. I have ordered Aeotec bypasses but I’d rather avoid using them because of the expense and headache of reinstalling everything. Why does my switches just keep showing RBG? I will try 75w equivalent bulbs that get to 24.4 watts but for now, is my issue even related to the LED power draw?

Just a guess, but probably because the dimmer isn’t drawing enough power and rebooting. Wattage equivalency isn’t really a metric and the 25W minimum for a non-neutral isn’t a hard number. You can temporarily swap in incandescents to see if the problem resolves. If it does, then you’ll need the bypass and may need to experiment with bulbs.

Ah. The real watt draw for the bulbs would be 24.4 watts. But it would be nice if Inovelli were more conservative in their numbers so we know exactly what we need to get this thing working without a neutral wire. The C by GE switches were working fine. I just saw the sale on the Inovelli switches and wanted to move over to Z-Wave.