Black series dimmer unresponsive

I have three black series dimmers that I’m migrating from Hubitat to Home Assistant. I have paired all three with Home Assistant successfully, but only two are working. On the non-working unit, I was able to factory reset in order to pair with Home Assistant, and it paired just fine when I pressed the config button 3x. I messed around with a few device config settings in Home Assistant (can’t recall what I changed), but now there is no power going to the light. I was just going to do a factory reset again, but now holding the config button does nothing. The only response I can still get from the device is when I press the config button 3x (blue light pulses). I know it’s wired correctly because I’ve been using it for a year with Hubitat. I just can’t do a factory reset, and it also won’t respond to 6x or 8x button presses. Did I manage to brick this thing?

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I had an identical issue with a Black switch. Contacted support and the answer ended up being to cut power (eg. flip the breaker). Once it got a hard reboot it started working again, without needing to re-associate.

Thanks! I ended up swapping it out for an extra black switch I had, but I didn’t throw it away or anything. Maybe when I get around to installing it elsewhere, it will just work.