Black Series manual control in Smartthings

Yes,I know only the red series has the notification feature, however I was reading some posts here about some users being a to control the black series led strip in hubitat using the rules engine?

Is something like this possible in Smartthings? Maybe using webcore?

I think so. You won’t have the fancy flashing (at least I don’t think), but could control the child led device and adjust the color based on events.

Thank You! After reading a bit more and actually reading the DTH for the black series switch, I noticed the first two lines in the DTH comments specify that two additional child DTHs maybe required (one being the RGBW handler). I did not have those installed (doh). Once I installed them, and just updated my settings on my black series switches, I can now see the LED entries when I create an automation. So goodness there.

I noticed though that I cannot see them in IFFT actions only my RED series notifications. This is no biggy for me as I guess only the Red Series LEDs bubble up to IFFT via notifications.

I’m quite happy now I can change the black series LEDs through an event :slight_smile:
Always learning something new!

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