Black Series On/Off switch, configure paddle as toggle?


On Black On/Off switch series, is there a way to configure the paddle to act purely as a toggle switch, whichever paddle I press? Like, it will toggle the light into the opposite state of what it’s currently in no matter which side of the paddle is pressed.

I have a few Zooz’s that have this ability and I find it quite convenient!

I’m on Home Assistant running ZwaveJS UI addon.

Thank you

Probably not. Although there may be another way to do it with HA, toggling typically requires a scene command to be sent to the hub. The Black series does not have scene capabilities (you need the Red for that), so that option isn’t available.

That being said, there was a firmware update some time ago that provided, I think, a very limited scene capability for the blacks for the config button. That’s not exactly what you’re asking for, but something worth looking at.

Also, if you don’t have a wired load, you might be able to trap ons and offs and do something with that.

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Bummer, seemed like an easy-win feature to have!

Thank you very much for your detailed reply.

That’s why there was a red and a black series. They were the same switch component and radio-wise. The red costed a bit more, but you got extra features, one of them being scene capability.