Black series on/off switch pairing issue

Hi, I have red series dimmers throughout my whole home and 2 black series on/off switches. I’m having an issue getting one of the black series on/off switches to pair with SmartThings v3 hub. It will pulse blue for several seconds then flash red. I have 3 red series dimmers in the same room and there were no issue at all pairing those 3. I’ve even sat the hub directly on the switch to see if maybe it was a range issue but even then it would pair. What other problem could it be? Any ideas?

Hey @Jstanford - one thing you could try is excluding it first to factory reset it, the try pairing it.

Here’s how to exclude:

  • From the home screen, click on the three lines at the top left of your screen to open the menu

  • Click on the, “Devices” icon

  • In the search bar, search, “Hub” and select your Hub

  • Click on the three dots at the top right of the screen and select, “Z-Wave Utilities”

  • Then press, “Z-Wave Exclusion” and the process will start

  • On your Inovelli Switch, press the config button 3x rapidly (the LED bar should pulse blue)

  • If the exclusion was successful, your Inovelli switch LED bar should turn from pulsing blue to GREEN

  • In addition, the SmartThings app should say that your switch was excluded successfully

Let me know if that helps!

@Eric_Inovelli Hey, just letting you know that it worked. Everything is working fine now. Thanks Eric

Fantastic! Great to hear :grinning:

Just used this to fix a similar issue with one of my black series. Thanks.

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