Black Series Switch Scene Control

I bought these a while back when the documentation was still messed up and mentioned scene control. Now I see this isn’t even a thing. It’s way too late to return as I have been stuck in Reno for a while. Anyhow. I see the black dimmers allow scene control via config button since a certain firmware. I’m wondering if these on off switches will also be updated? I have 29 of these switches and half won’t work the way they were supposed to because of an error in the documentation early on.

All I want to be able to do is:

Say have 3 of these switches.

Switch 1 gets pressed it control switch 2 as well as switch 1

Switche 2 gets pressed. It only controls switch 3 and not switch 2.

Is this at all possible?

What hub you using?


So your first request is possible with rule machine. Basically you setup a rule for whenever switch 1 is turned on, switch 2 turns on. Same for turning off.

Request 2….I’m not sure. I can’t remember if the black switch has SBM or not.

Request 1 is easy enough. I just layed it out there to convey what I was trying to do. Thanks.

If I disable local control, can the relay be controlled via zwave still? If I disable local control, will the button presses still show up over zwave

It’s been a while. I would disable local control and open up the Hubitat log. Press up and see if the button is reported or shows up. I don’t have any black or red series to try.

For this, presuming it’s like the Red, yes. Disable Local Control and Disable Remote (i.e. Zwave) Control are separate settings. (Don’t have any blacks to try.)