Blinking Light on 3-Way Switch when using dummy switch

I have a question regarding a possible wiring issue for a 3-way red series switch. When the Inovelli switch is on I can use the other dummy switch to turn the light on and off. If I leave the light off after using the dummy switch and go back and turn off Inovelli switch and then turn dummy switch on the light blinks. At this point the Inovelli switch must be on at all times for the second switch to work correctly. I have the Inovelli switch set up as a 3-Way Dumb Switch and the switch mode is set to dimmer. I’ve read through your articles and am not running across this problem. Any thoughts?

Guessing you’re using either a Red or Blue 2-1? Is it wired as a neutral or non-neutral?

Yes, sorry it’s a red series switch. When you say wired as a neutral vs non-neutral I’m assuming you’re asking me if I’ve connected the switch to a neutral wire? If that’s the case, then yes it’s wired as neutral. I wired the red series switch to the line coming directly from the panel. It’s the 7th switch I’ve installed so I know it’s wired correctly. The only difference from the other switches is it’s wired to 14-3 with ground romex instead of 14-2 with ground which just means it has the extra red travel wire which I connected to the traveler connector of the switch.

If this is the first 3-way you’ve wired, we might want to take a look at your wiring. However, you believe it’s correct, so that would suggest a configuration issue.

Sometimes the configuration doesn’t stick properly, although the symptoms you describe are unusual. I’d try changing the switch parameter back to a single pole/2-way and then reset it to 3-way toggle. You could also exclude and re-add the switch to ensure it added correctly.

Okay, I’ll give that a shot. It’s at our lake house so I’ll try this weekend. Is there any issue with it being set to be a dimmer? I wouldn’t think so. With regards to wiring the switch. The articles I read did say to wire a Red Series as a 3 way by wiring it to the line coming from the panel, correct? To do this I pulled both of the old switches out of the junction box (while the breaker was off). I spread out the wire so they wouldn’t touch and turned the breaker back on. I used a voltage tester to find which location was still “hot” then turn the breaker off. I then wired the Red Series into the junction box where I had located the hot wire. Seems pretty simple. I’ll try the refiguration suggestion and get back to you next week.

Dumb switch should be fine with the 2-1 set as a dimmer, although I don’t have any wired w/a 3-way dumb.

You are correct in wiring the 2-1 in the box where the hot originates.

Where is your load? Same box, other box or between the switches?

The load is between the two switches. It’s just one light in a stairway from the main floor to the walkout basement. Switch at the top and bottom of the stairs.

I had a similar issue recently with my red. Everything wired correctly, I probably re tested everything 3 or 4 times lol!
I changed the maximum brightness parameter to 80% and then kept lowering it and testing until it fixed the issue. I still get full brightness at the lowered maximum setting of about 74.