Blue 2-1 best mode for wifi bulbs

I have 3 Kasa smart wifi color bulbs in my bathroom and I am replacing the dumb switch with a Blue 2-1. Will smart mode work with wifi bulbs or should I use dimmer mode? I want to of course keep constant power applied since they are smart bulbs. Just trying to get an idea of what the best course of action would be.

I’ve used switch mode for this in the past since for me, the Inovelli device is then just a button controller, and I use the button events on my hub to send commands (on, off, start/stop level change, etc.) to the bulb.

However, if you use dimmer mode, you’ll be able to let the switch still track the level internally, even though it won’t actually change the load output (definitely what you want for smart bulb mode!), and you could then “mirror” that out to the bulb via some automation. Exactly how you do all of this depends on your hub. I don’t do that because I also manipulate the bulbs directly and don’t want to deal with any issues related to bidirectional sync of this status, and I don’t need the LED bar on my switch to show me the current level — I can see that on the bulbs themselves just fine. :smiley:

Ultimately, I think, it’s a matter of preference. I do suspect I’m in the minority here…

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Yes. Smart Bulb Mode (SBM) is what you want. SBM ensures that power is constantly applied to the bulbs, and prevents paddle presses from cutting or varying power to a wired load.

You can then control the bulb(s) by using scenes via the paddle presses/button presses.

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