Blue 2-1 Buzzing on Phillips Hue

Hi there, just got my blue switches installed today, though I unfortunately have an issue. I have them controlling Phillips hue bulbs in my room, but every time I turn the lights on, the bulbs begin buzzing. The other switch I have installed on dumb lights, however, works just as expected. Talked to an electrician and he told me it was likely bulb incompatibility, but I found that weird, as Phillips hue bulbs are usually fine with this stuff. Appreciate any help!

Are the bulbs physically wired to the switch? If so, do you have the Smart Bulb Mode turned on?

How are you controlling the dim level?

oh my bad, had some spotty connection issues so thought the other one never went through. will delete that now!

I don’t have smart bulb mode turned on yet, was just testing out if a basic on/off worked. yes, the bulbs are wired to the switch, not on dimming mode either

Turn the Smart Bulb Mode on to see if that makes a difference. Smart Bulbs need to be fully powered at all times. I understand that you were using the on/off mode, but let’s see if the SBM makes a difference.

cool, setting up through home assistant right now, will turn on the SBM!

having a bit of trouble getting the hue bulbs to bind as a group in HA, but smart bulb mode is currently on, so flipping the switch does not affect the lights whatsoever. Still buzzing as of now though

Can’t help you with the binding in HA, but plenty here can.

Buzzing won’t go away with the binding. How do you have this wired? Neutral, non-neutral, 2-way, 3-way, etc?

single pole, neutral

have them working with a simple HA automation right now, turns on when I turn on the switch, turns off when I turn off the switch. Buzzing noise still here though, and definitely louder than with my previous switch

Typically, buzzing indicates incompatible bulbs, but we know that is not the case with Hue. Can you temporarily swap in non-Hue bulbs to see if the buzzing goes away. Not sure if this is a single or multiple but keep all the same.

Good idea, I’ll give that a shot, though it seems like most of my bulbs around the house are either also hue/hard to get (chandeliers)/recessed/ or use different connections. Might have to run out tomorrow and get some standard LEDs. Will update then, thank you!

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alright, so I had some time to swap the bulbs today, buzzing is still going on. What are the chances that I just have a faulty switch?


1 - Do you have another Blue to swap in to see if it buzzes in that installation?

2 - This is a 2-way neutral. How did you identify the Line vs the Load?

Had these thrown in by an electrician, as he was already heading over for some other work, so not 100% sure if he did it right. However I did have another one installed in a living room, don’t seem to have any problems, though that room is always louder, so hard to isolate noises.

I will say though, I noticed that this switch in my room also has problems when switching modes. Was trying to switch out of SBM while testing the dumb bulbs, and the indicator lights on the switch would do their thing, but the actual configuration didn’t seem to change, as the “dumb” lights were still uncontrollable by the switch. Had to do the factory reset thing for it to work, and not the first time I’ve had to mess around and reset this one.