Blue 2-1 flashing green

My Inovelli blue 2-1 switch has been flashing green and I don’t know what that indicates. Does anyone have any ideas? I checked the manual but couldn’t find anything conclusive.

Are you using ZHA? That sounds like it’s updating to me, just slowly getting brighter green?

Did you configure the “inovelli_provider: true” in your configuration.yaml?

I am using zha and I did configure my yaml to allow for updates. It was blinking green, it didn’t seem like it was growing.

Do you know what the ship software build is? You could be correct cause this switch is showing 2.06.

Mine is updating right now, blinking green progress bar starting from the bottom and slowly moving up

Thanks for the help @alabaster3211 @chack was hard to tell until I actually paid close attention that it was growing.

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Yep that is the firmware OTA occurring automatically. It will grow from the bottom 1% to 100% based on the status of the firmware being updated. Usually takes 2-3 minutes on ZHA.

Huh, it takes a longer than that for me (also using ZHA). I only saw one switch while it was upgrading (from 2.05 to 2.06), but it took like 65 minutes. It’s not one of the switches with a signal strength problem, and it’s pretty close to the hub/coordinator. The one switch I saw while upgrading from 2.00 to 2.05 didn’t take that long, but it still took like 15 minutes.

The upgrade to 2.06 seems to have worked fine, but I did think it was taking unusually long.

65 minutes is really odd, I’m usually 10-15m, first switch can take a little longer as the hub has to grab the firmware but not a significant amount of time usually.

Hubitat is about 4-6 minutes.

Mine took about an hour as well with zha. While it was updating the lights would flicker occasionally. But once updated it’s been fine