Blue 2-1 Missing triggers on Home Assistant using Z2M

When I try to set up an automation for my switches in HA, I have the trigger action for “down_single” and “down_triple” available, but all of the “double” options are mysteriously missing. Also up_triple is also missing. Seems kind of random but some of the options just aren’t there. Help?

Nothing? Nobody?

What version of Z2M are you running? I’m using 1.30.2 and have “up_double” and “down_double”.

I’m on 1.30.1. I’ll try upgrading to 1.30.2, couldn’t hurt.

There’s a few users who have seen this. Cycling through all of the button click combinations on the switch seems to create them in HA. So go to the switch and single click up, double click up, triple click up, etc… etc…


This has been my experience as well.

Wow. That was it. That’s wild, I never would have tried that. Thank you. Unfortunate because I have to go fiddle with all 30 something switches now to ease my OCD but at least I have a workaround.

@EricM_Inovelli is this something that could be addressed on the inovelli side during initial device negotiation with the zigbee controller or some sort of firmware update? Just trying to help y’all with the user experience :grin:

@nathanfiscus Do you know if there is a way to send all of the possible button combos to the action entity on inclusion so they show up by default in HA?

It would be possible to send all the events when the switch is configured. I am not sure what the side effects of that addition would be later on when someone has automations associated with button presses. I know that it is possible to “re-configure” the device after addition which calls the same function.