Blue 2-1 Notifications Frustration

Successfully set up 9 of my 40 Blue 2-in1’s yesterday and now I want to set up a simple notification so the leds on the switches by any exterior door turn red when the alarm system is armed.

The documentation for the Blue 2-1 is woefully incomplete. Everywhere I try to find information, it’s “coming soon” or “placeholder” or some such thing but no information.

Searching around, I’ve found references to adding child switches for notifications, but the driver has no button to add a child device. I’ve seen instructions for calling a custom command ‘setNotification’ but no such command exists in the driver.

I know how to create rules in Hubitat that call custom commands, that’s not the problem.

What am I missing here? The switches are flashed to the latest firmware and I’m using the latest Inovelli-supplied driver dated 2023-04-11.

For Hubitat, I use the LED Dashboard app. It does a great job at very easily enabling notifications on the Inovelli switches.

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You need to use custom command and define the 4 settings under ledeffectall.

Edit: also don’t use the string in one full line. Add parameter 8. Then add another parameter 120. Then add another parameter etc.

Use this as a blueprint to setup how you want your notifications. First one will be effect. Next parameter will be color, level, and duration.


For Hubitat, this is the way to go ^^^

I too vouch it works great – I know the description still alludes to alpha status, but it’s solid & well-performing code. I had zero issues setting up the notifications I wanted, and they have been totally reliable.

Install that app via Hubitat Package Manager, and that’s then an easy way to ensure it stays updated too.

It works very well – give it a whirl.

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The description really should include “Inovelli”. I searched in HPM for something but this didn’t turn up. “Dashboard” implies HE dashboards, which this has nothing to do with.

Tried it, and it works great. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, and esp to the author of this app. Very nice.

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