Blue 2-1 runs Hot when in dimming mode

I’m running two Blue 2-1 switches in a multi-way setup, both as smart switches and bound in ZHA.

Everything seems to be running fine except I’m concerned with how hot the load connected switch is running.

When in dimming mode, the screws on the face-plate measure about 106°F and the switch it self about 96°F. Is this normal/acceptable?

When the lights are 100% on, it does not overheat, measuring about 80°F.

The load consists of 4 LED retrofit can lights, 22W each. (dimmable)

Doesn’t sound unreasonable, but Inovelli May need confirm expected values. Firmware 2.15 uses internal temp sensor to turn off if too hot so you could look at updating to give yourself some additional protection. I think the overheat is 95° C?.

When dimming the heat from the circuitry utilizes the case as a heat sink.

I agree with @harjms. Those are very reasonable numbers. Especially when you consider that 96°F is below normal human body temperature (~98°F), and 106°F is in the range of a hot shower :sweat_smile: