Blue 2-1 Smooth Dimming Issues

Apologies if this is a repetitive post, I saw this one but it appears to have been closed.

When I use home assistant to call both my Lutron and inovelli switches to 100% over 5 seconds and then off again, the Lutrons have a buttery smooth transition up to 100% and then back down to off. The Inovellis have perceptible steps as they ramp brightness. This is less noticeable with a ramp time less than 3 seconds. But longer transitions I can see nearly every step as the brightness increases and decreases on the inovellis. Is this normal behavior? Is this something that is addressable? Updating to the latest firmware did not seem to improve the dimming. Additionally, I have the minimum brightness parameter set to “1”; however, the Inovelli lights never get as dim as the Casetas when set to 1% brightness.

I was thrilled to find Inovellis as they are so feature-rich and I love the idea of the notification bar, but when placed side by side with the Casetas I was hoping to replace the dimming behavior is just not as polished. I’m currently running home assistant controlling my LED lights, switches installed with neutral wires.


Does the switch dim smoothly like you would expect when MANUALLY dimming? Definitely something that can be looked at (1% being lower is already on the manufacturer’s radar) but with 254 levels it seems like it would be smooth!

Oh interesting. Inovelli is looking at making 1% lower than it currently is? Cause that’s one thing I noticed immediately when swapping some Lutrons for the Blue 2-1.

Correct. It’s with the engineering team for review (per Inovelli) to see if it can be improved. No promises.

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That’s great to hear!