Blue 2-1 ZHA attribute defaults

Setup my first few blues last night. Most obvious problem was switches coming online in Home Assistant with really strange default configuration values … eg, the ramp on/off speeds were set to 127 (the slowest).

After banging on the configurables and tuning for a while, I have things mostly OK, but am not fully happy with the results. (Dimming still jumpy and grainy.)

Wondering where the bug lies - should the ZHA/zigpy device definitions include default values? Are the device values not being correctly being read at network joining? Adding another manual onboarding step to template the configurables doesn’t sound like fun.

Anyone know a way to reset the ZB attributes to factory-fresh? (Assuming they were correct from the factory.)

Those are the defaults, 127 for those default to following the settings of parameter 1 (dimming speed up remote). Parameter Info

If you want to reset attributes back to factory, just perform a factory reset - “hold down on the config button followed by the top of the paddle until it turns/flashes red (approximately 20 seconds) and then release the config button followed by the top of the paddle and wait a couple seconds” and then it should go straight back to trying to pair (so re-pair it and it’ll join with the settings defaulted).

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I must have bumped a few of the parameters down slightly without realizing it. After reseting, everything behaved as expected.

Didn’t realize that so many params follow #1 - that’s handy. Totally overlooked that in the setup instructions. Thanks!

Yeah, they definitely tried to make things easier by having that ‘follow #1’ option, but still leaving open all the customization if you want to tweak parameters more. Glad to hear it’s working as expected now!