Blue 2 in 1 getting hot


If you are correct and the internal workings on this thing are really just a dimmer locked into full on then I would expect some heat and this would all feel normal to me. I was under the impression that these switches actually had different ways to handle switch vs dimmer mode and were not just pegging the dimmer to full on.

I’m not sure where that belief came from (thin air I imagine - :smile:).

If someone from Inovelli can confirm that it would be great?

That would make me feel like this thing is behaving normal. It would also mean I would expect a similar amount of heat from an incandescent load of similar size (which I intend to test later today).

The LZW30/LZW30-SN both used relays. Both of the new Red and Blue 2-1s use a mosfet. There is discussion of the circuit in this thread.

It’s been confirmed many times. It’s always a dimmer circuit. In non-neutral the dimmer circuit can never be 100% on or the switch couldn’t power itself.


Ok - that makes sense.

Do they operate as proper switches when a neutral is present?

No but the output can go to 100%

Thanks much - This makes me feel better about this being “normal” for these switches (vs. me having a problem). I appreciate the feedback.

Just want to say that the engineer did confirm: