Blue Series Dimming Tech

Is the blue series dimming tech the same as the red series, or has that changed?

Triac, Mosfet? Anyone know?

Considering upgrading to blue but only if they’ve fixed the steppy dimming.

The dimming is WAY smoother on the Blue. Like a night and day difference.


I agree with the above: dimming is way smoother on the Blue Series for me — none of the “steppiness” that I saw on the Red Series (and it works better with my low-wattage loads so I don’t need to set the minimum level higher, which probably made it worse on the Reds, though this will depend on your bulbs).

I can’t answer what kind of dimmer it actually uses inside, MOSFET or TRIAC Given that it can be used in either dimmer or switch mode, the answer might be more complicated that. A search here doesn’t seem to reveal anything, either. :thinking:


Sorry for the delay here – as @Bry and @BertABCD1234 mentioned, we have addressed the, “choppiness” that our Red Series experienced, however the internals are the same (MOSFET).

What caused the choppiness was more of an algorithm issue than a technology issue.


Is there any world in which a firmware update to the red series could happen to fix the dimming performance on the reds? It is definitely my biggest complaint.

I wish – we tried to get this sorted out numerous times, but every time the manufacturer said, “not enough room on the MCU”.