Blue 2-in-1 non-neutral smart bulb challenges

My 2-in-1s have been challenging in non-neutral configurations. I’m hoping for some ideas on two smart bulb configurations:

  • Switch A: A 2-in-1 on firmware v2.15 is upstream of a single Hue 548727 bulb.
  • Switch B: A single Hue 9290022166 behind a 2-in-1 on firmware 2.15.

Both switches boot fine when connected to bench power, where they were joined to Zigbee and preconfigured in smart bulb mode. Switch A is in a spot where getting a bypass installed isn’t very practical but was working on a previous 2-in-1 back on pre-2.15 firmware. Switch B fails both without and with a Aeotec bypass installed. This is the one that really bothers me, as I’d expect this to work with a bypass installed.

Failure to boot here means the LED indicator on the switch flickers and fails to stabilize, with no device connecting on the network. Once I was able to get Switch B to come online, but with the LED flickering in blue intensity. When I put the bypass in, the switch failed to boot once again.

Any tips on how to get these switches in service would be much appreciated!