Blue 2-in-1 replacing illuminated Dimmer

I had a spot in my home that was a single pole illuminated dimmer switch which I’ve replaced with a Blue 2-in-1, is that acceptable? It seems to be working fine. The only reason I’m even asking is because this wiring was a little weird and has 2 lines from different circuits (which I know because they have separate breakers). I tried leaving the line from the other circuit just capped but this is actually in series with the outlets for my family room so it rendered my whole family room powerless.

It is fine to replace an illuminated switch with an Inovelli. You just can’t use an illuminated switch as the dumb switch companion to an Inovelli in a 3-way.

Regarding the 2 circuits in the box, hopefully you just touched the circuit pertaining to the switch leg and left the other as-is. If you are in doubt, get an electrician to take a look to ensure you did it properly.


No issues there! I believe the only issue would be if you had this Blue series connected in a 3 way dumb scenario and the toggle switch was illuminated.

There is no issue with another line in the box. As long as you’re not feeding the outlets from your dimmer load terminal and the lines are just passing through, all is good. Note: If your dimmer didn’t have neutral from its line bundle (switch loop), you are not allowed to steal the other circuits neutral as it’s being fed from a different circuit breaker.

Sounds like you’re all squared away.