Blue 2-in-1 Switch Color Paddles: Is BLACK an option?

I’m a 60-unit Blue 2-in-1 Switch owner in the middle of a home renovation. Just found out from my contractor/architect assumed they could use BLACK switches in several locations throughout our home.

I believe we can use black Lutron face plates (Would love a model reference to best type to purchase), but the 2-in-1 Color Switch Paddles seem to be sold out online.

(a) Do the Color Switch Paddles advertised on the site fit the Blue series 2-in-1?
(b) Will they be likely to be back in stock within the next 6-12 months?
(c) Can the Color Switch Paddle be changed easily after the switch has already been installed?

I’m trying to decide whether to instruct my architect to move forward with black or try to make alternative plans to use white in those locations despite the stone and wood choices already made.

Thank you! Very excited to get over these final hurdles and start using these!

2-in-1 color paddles should be available pretty soon – I know they are working on it.

a) No - other existing color paddles will not fit the 2-1s – the airgap tab is a slightly different size

b) I sure hope they’ll be out w/in 6-12 months!

c) Yes - the paddle faceplates just pop off for easy swap-ability

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