Blue 2 in 1 switch Pairs as a Blue Canopy

I deleted my 2 in 1 switch and updated the driver to the latest now every time I try to pair it Hubitat adds it as a canopy VZM 36?
I tried factory reset and repaired same thing. I pulled the air gap and then factory reset, same thing.
I can’t get this switch added as a switch again

Everytime I get this:
Give your new Inovelli VZM36 Zigbee Canopy a name:

Just pair it as that and change the driver/type once it’s paired – that’s no big deal at all.

I immediately end up changing the driver type just about every time I add something – it rarely pairs exactly as the desired device type.

I looked at that but I don’t see inovelli Blue 2 in 1 switch under the drivers?

I was under the impression that you’d successfully used the 2-1 driver in the past, so unless you somehow deleted it, “Inovelli Dimmer 2-in-1 Blue Series VZM31-SN” should still be available in the “User” section of your “Type” (driver) drop-down menu.

I did delete the old 2 in 1 driver I had and downloaded the new 2 in 1 driver. But iys not showing up in the drop down for me to choose.
I have added the newest driver a couple doifferent times and still not showing up in the drop down.
The switch did pair as a canopy and I know its linked because I can identify it and flash the light on it.

If it’s not showing up as a selection in the Type drop-down menu, then it’s not installed correctly. Are you manually installing it from GitHub or using Hubitat Package Manager?

Perhaps some leftover remnant is preventing a complete installation… I’d double-check that all previous 2-1 driver installations are fully removed/deleted and try installing the driver again.

Ha…I don’t even want to tell you what the solution was. Scroll down past the system drivers into the user drivers…I must be tired…Thanks for the Help