Blue+Blue+Blue or Blue+White+White?

I am now contemplating on how to wire my four-way switches. I can choose between Blue+Blue+Blue or Blue+White+White. I see the advantages of Blue+Blue+Blue, in that you can do advanced control from all switches.

My question has more to do with Home Assistant (and by extension, Google Home integration). If I choose to do Blue+Blue+Blue, will all three switches be listed as three separate entities in HA; or will they be treated as a single switch? I would rather not have three switches being listed in my Google Home, when it should be treated as a single four-way switch.

Just to clarify, do you mean Blue+Aux+Aux? The white series, confusingly, can be either an Aux switch or the to-be-released-in-2024 Thread Switch. Guessing it’s the former.

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Each switch (and the group) will show up as a separate entity in Home Assistant (if you go Blue for all). It’s easy enough to hide all of the actual switches and interact only with the group and expose that to the voice assistant of your choice.

I used to do Red + Aux for all of my multiway switches. I’ve swapped them all to Blue + Blue with this setup instead.

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What configuration do you use for Blue+Blue+Blue?

Single mode but then you need to bind the switches together.

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You need to put all of the switches in a zigbee group and then bind each switch to the group.


What advanced control at the aux switches is missing? The LED bar?

You can hide the devices in HA if you don’t want to see them.

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I’ve have blue + aux + aux in all of my 3 and 4 way configs but wondering if I’m missing out.

I see the only benefit being that there’s extra led lights on each switch that you can view/configure independently or I guess you could configure each blue with independent automations? I’m guessing multiply independent blues would get confusing if primarily focused on the 3 or 4 way of the room they are in?

What additional advantages do you hope to take advantage of when using more than one blue in a 3 or 4 way?

For me, its the benefit of getting led bar notifications at multiple places (better chance that I’m near a switch that has the notification) as well as changing the led bar to indicate a response on a multi tap scene. Also, they match each other better in multi gang boxes.

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