Blue dimmer with custom color LED

I have a blue series dimmer that is set up to control a group of color temp setable light. Within Hubitat I’ve made a ‘custom’ led gradient going from warm (orange-yellow) to cool (white-blue) . I’d like to have this gradient controlled by the switch, similar to how the blue bar rises for brightness with other switches. Is it possible to do this natively, or would I need to write some feedback loop that looks at the color temp and sets each individual LED on/off/brightness?

I don’t think it will support it natively, but maybe a feature request @EricM_Inovelli ?

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The setting for the dimmer bar is just the color of the LED strip. That would requires 7 settings, one for each LED in the strip. Probably could be done.

That’s what I’m trying to avoid, a rule machine style ‘kluge’ of 7 rules to cover the different percentage ranges and remote, therefore slower, processing of the LED bar update.

Would the LED bar color match the color temperature of the bulbs or will it be a gradient like your picture? If it is the latter, then I think we could create an ALL LED color like “cold to warm temperature” or something like that.

Hey @EricM_Inovelli i was thinking that it would be a gradient rather than the entire bar matching as the UX would indicate that there is ability to use the paddle to move the setting up and down.

As an aside I have created rules to set the LEDs activated in accordance with the CT of the lights they are controlling but when I set some of the LEDs to off (ie CT is somewhere in the middle range) the switch sets those to the default blue color.

For the rules, how are you setting the LED colors? As effects or the individual parameters? If the individual parameters (that’s the way I’d go), you’ve got separate parameters for on/off and you may be missing setting the off ones?

I’m using the Hubitat app “LED Mini Dashboard” to simply turn on and set each LED progressively based on he value in the “Percent to CT” app.

I don’t have my Hubitat hub still set up to compare, but it looks like that’s using the effect/notification as opposed to the default LED color parameter. If you aren’t needing to change the Color Hues and just want it set statically, I’d definitely recommend giving that a shot instead and seeing if it works the way you intend?

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I actually made a great automation in Home Assistant to handle this! It requires an extra sensor but thats easy to add and modify (to have the list of connected switches to smart lights).

inovelli_blue_switch_match_light_v2 on github

I plan to create it as a all inclusive blueprint at some point, but i failed to trigger efficiently. This is very efficient currently and I didn’t want to sacrifice that.

I’m happy to answer questions, or work with people to help improve this :slight_smile: