Blue dimmers no longer controllable in Home Assistant

I started having a strange problem with my Blue dimmers and I’m not having much luck solving it in the Home Assistant forums so I’m hoping maybe somebody here has some insight. Here’s the thread from over there: Mosquitto suddenly stopped working - Configuration - Home Assistant Community

To summarize, without having done any updates or restarting anything, suddenly my Blue dimmers became uncontrollable from HA, but they work fine directly from the Z2M UI.

I’ve since updated HA, Mosquitto, and Z2M, but the problem persists. There’s communication going on, as evidenced by the fact that Z2M works directly, and things like power are reported all the way back to the MQTT integration. But things like the on/off control are grayed out.

Anyone have any idea what may be going on here?

Example of the grayed out control:

I’ve seen this as well - something is wonky with the way that the latest editions of HA and z2m interact via MQTT. A quick restart of z2m brings everything back for me (I leave MQTT and HA running). It happens every time I update HA, so I’ve just gotten used to updating HA, then restarting z2m.

Unfortunately, restarting Z2M doesn’t seem to make a difference in my case.

My setup has been wonky as well, but I’ve been restarting MQTT to get everything back up and going.

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My dad’s system is seeing the same thing with the ring2mqtt addon (he doesn’t use z2m). It requires a restart of the server itself to get it back online. Just restarting the mosquito addon doesn’t do it.

Same issue here. Rolled back Z2M to prior version fixed things for now

I had this issue after a power outage. Check this thread Zigbee Devices/Network Broke - "This entity is no longer being provided by the mqtt integration" - Configuration - Home Assistant Community

Basically stopped each add on, start MQTT and leave about 30 seconds from startup and then start z2m.