Blue error parameter 33

Blue 2-1 switch. Firmware 2.15, driver date 2023-04-11 This error shows up in my logs a random couple times a day. I can’t correlate it to any activity related to the switch. Parameter 33 does not appear to be listed in the driver.

Very interesting.

Parameter 33 is (will) be used for Overheat Protection in the newest production units with the MG24 chip. But I didn’t think the the 2-in-1 switches with MG24 were shipping yet. I’m currently working on the update drivers for the MG24 chip based switches.

Good news is a value of 0 means its not in Overheat mode, but I can’t explain why your switch is randomly reporting that. When I finish updating the driver at least it will tell you its not overheating instead of “undefined” :slight_smile:

I am seeing the same from my switch shipped earlier this month, 2.15 firmware (as shipped) and the driver dated 2023-07-01. My error’s line# is different, but I think the driver version would cause that.

Are we sure this batch of switches has the MG24 chip? I thought @Eric_Inovelli said they were confirmed to have the MG21.

Also, -while I’m here… :slight_smile: - I am seeing an ‘Alexa Heartbeat’ log entry. What would cause this? I don’t have anything connected to an Alexa. As far back as my logs will scroll, it’s paired up with the ‘MULTISTATE.OUTPUT.CLUSTER’ seen right above it.

The above switch is an early replacement for the first batch of Blues with questionable id codes. I just installed it after several months.

Could it be possible that the MG21 have built in temp sensor as well? Or the firmware was ported over and left in by mistake?

I don’t think there’s any MG24s in anyone’s 2N1 switch at this point. I don’t think the manufacturer gave free upgrades.

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I believe that may be the case. I never saw any information on the temp sensor parameters (P32-P33) until the MG24 Fan firmware was released. I am putting the final touches on the Fan driver and then will begin updating the 2-in1 driver to support these parameters as well


To be honest, I’m not sure how the Alexa integration works. I believe the heartbeat is needed as part of the discovery process and therefore the switch periodically blurts out “I’m here” so it can be discovered by Alexa. That is just my guess. In this case the driver is simply reporting it and no further action is taken

That’s the problem, I think. I don’t have the Alexa integration.

Is this the only device that is getting the Alexa heartbeat?

I thought I remembered (in the beta discussions) something to do with a heartbeat packet (cluster 0x0006) mechanism and happens ever four hours, also for Alexa.

Yes, only device. I’m getting the heartbeat log entry every 12 hours.