Blue Fan Switch Will Not Factory Reset After Removing From Z2M


I updated Z2M from 1.33.1 to 1.33.2 to try and fix some errors I was getting and my HA automations started throwing more errors:

zigbee2mqtt    | Zigbee2MQTT:error 2023-11-17 18:59:34: Publish 'set' 'led_effect' to 'Jacksons Room Inovelli Blue Fan Switch' failed: 'Error: Cluster with name 'manuSpecificInovelliVZM31SN' does not exist'

The update changed the cluster name, there was a binding with it that I had a screen shot of and I could see it was different, so I figured I’d re-pair the switch to add it as a new entity with the new attributes. Unfortunately, since removing from Z2M I can no longer get the switch to join. I am also unable to factor reset the switch. I tried throwing the breaker to power cycle it and that seemed to change the light from a dark to a light blue but did not help my current situation. I am following these instructions:

Here are the parameters the switch had before I removed it:

    "defaultLevelLocal": 130,
    "defaultLevelRemote": 130,
    "doubleTapDownToParam56": "Disabled",
    "doubleTapUpForFullBrightness": 0,
    "doubleTapUpToParam55": "Disabled",
    "fan_mode": "high",
    "fan_state": "OFF",
    "firmwareUpdateInProgressIndicator": "Enabled",
    "ledColorWhenOff": 165,
    "ledColorWhenOn": 165,
    "led_effect": {
        "color": 170,
        "duration": 255,
        "effect": "solid",
        "level": 50
    "linkquality": 236,
    "localProtection": "Enabled",
    "maximumLevel": 255,
    "minimumLevel": 30,
    "outputMode": "Fan Controller",
    "rampRateOnToOffLocal": 127,
    "smartBulbMode": "Disabled",
    "state": "ON",
    "stateAfterPowerRestored": "",
    "switchType": "Load Only",
    "update": {
        "installed_version": 33685764,
        "latest_version": 33685764,
        "state": "idle"

Is LocalProtection Enabled blocking the factory reset?

Yes, it was. Down + 10x config button disabled it and I could factory reset.