Blue fan switches now no load

Have 5 of the blue fan switches connected to ceiling fans. Run them in smart bulb mode and use the blue fan switch paddles to manage fan speed through smartthings. A different, dumb light switch turns the light that is a part of the fans on and off. The blue switches need to be in smart bulb mode due to the internal wiring of the fans. Asked about this setup in this forum quite awhile ago, it has worked since installation on all 5 fans. They were installed when the switches first came out. For clarity, it’s one blue fan switch and one dumb switch per fan.

Went on vacation and came back to neither fans nor lights working anymore. The led on the blue fan switches do light up, and can be accessed through smartthings to successfully change things like led color. The blue switches all respond to paddle presses as expected (change led brightness, send message to smartthings, etc). No power to the fan/light though.

I’ve tried toggling smart bulb mode through smartthings and on the switch directly. No change. I did a factory reset on one of them and set it up again, but still no power going through them to the fan or light. It doesn’t seem to be a smartthings issue as the regular/dumb light switch should be able to turn on the light outside of any automation if smart bulb mode is working.

It’s weird all 5 stopped working at the same time. Any suggestions?

Can you explain how it’s working when it’s working? You’re using the smart fan mode, so the fan (and light??) are constantly powered. Or is the light on a dumb switch directly wired? But you’re controlling the fan through ST?? Somewhat of a weird setup. If we can understand what you’re doing we may be able to figure it out.

Original explanation here: ZigBee Fan Switch | Project Zephyr (Blue Series) - #425 by kyj

Power is always running to the unit. Fan is controlled by smartthings. Light is controlled by the dumb switch, but requires power to be running to the fan due to internal wiring. So power is always on for both.

And again, the setup itself (which is admittedly odd) was working fine, so that’s not necessarily the issue.

So I’m trying to figure out your configuration to determine the best way to troubleshoot.

If I’m understanding correctly, you have a 3-wire going from the switch box (which contains two switches, a Blue fan switch and a dumb switch for the light) to the fan. The fan has a Hunter wireless module, so it needs constant power. You are providing constant power via the Blue fan switch using the Smart Fan Mode. You don’t believe the fan is getting power.

I’d start by pulling the fan switch. Move the load (which ultimately goes to the black fan wire) to the line terminal on the Inovelli. The will power the fan full-time and eliminate the Smart Fan Mode. Then test. If everything is fine, then that suggests the Smart Fan Mode is not working, although that seems unlikely since all five failed at once. But that will provide a starting point.

In the alternative, drop the fan and test between the black and the white at the fan to confirm it’s not receiving power.

I’d be surprised if you don’t have power to the fans, since this happened to all five installations. This is strange.

I have a similar set up (blue fan in smart switch mode). We had a brief power outage that seemed to confuse the load. Air gaping the the blue fan switches resolved the load issue in my case and may be worth trying if you haven’t already tried it.