Blue On/Off - Missing Events in ZHA / Remapping Relay

Correct, two blue series in a 3 way setup. One is wired with the load, the other has no load, and the traveler has been capped (unused). Binding the switches gave me that new ZHA group.

The wiring schematic documentation disagrees with what you are saying unless I’m misreading.

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That might be a copy/paste error. You can’t send events from one blue to another blue via traveler/neutral connection, so it doesn’t make sense in my head. I’m using 3-way Aux but I’m using a blue and white series; no magic binding. Let’s see if @Eric_Inovelli can confirm.

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Following on @harjms

Yep, that quoted part is incorrect.

When wiring two Blues into what is currently a 3-way, you will only use two of the three 3-wire conductors between the two switches. Black for hot and white for neutral, sending a hot and neutral to the other switch from the powered box. Those conductors go to the hot and neutral terminals on the other switch.

Set the switch type to Single (0).

Then bind.