Blue Series 2-1 Delayed switch responses

Just got my set of blues and am pretty disappointed so far. When turning lights on there is a full second delay between button press and when the lights turn on. Same with turning the lights off and trying to dim lights up or down. Always at least a second delay between the press and when something happens.

I was wondering if I was doing something wrong here or if this is expected functionality. Unfortunately this is unacceptable for my use case and I’ll have to return my switches if this is just how the switches are.

I am using the switch in dimmer mode single pole with a neutral. I know there is a way to disable the dim to off functionality, couldnt get that to work with Home Assistant ZHA but i’m pretty sure thats a different issue not related to the switches.

Maybe adjust parameter 50, Switch Delay? It defaults to 7, or 0.7 seconds. Set it to 0 for the fastest response, but it means you won’t be able to program actions for tapping multiple times.

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Great ill check that out, thanks for the tip!

You also want to make sure that your dimming threshold is set correctly. If your bulbs don’t turn on until, e.g., 30%, then they will seem a lot slower to respond. Setting the dimming threshold means that the dimmer will start at 30% so they turn on immediately, and then ramp up.

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Great very helpful I was able to figure all that out to have instant on and such!

Now I have to convince the wife this method of dimming is better than the little slider thing.

Good luck, I’m in the same boat. The new smart Diva dimmers are definitely on my radar once the neutral and pro versions are released.

One issue with the smart Diva dimmers is they don’t register button presses (or atleast the Caseta versions don’t). Therefor if you want to bind additional lights to turn on via a button press you have to wait for the lights on state change to register, which takes around 3-5 seconds to complete. Just FYI @coreystup

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