Blue Series 2-1 Home Assistant ZHA integration missing config-hold in device automation triggers?

It looks like config-hold is missing from the list of device triggers in Home Assistant ZHA. There’s:

  • Up tap (x1 x2 x3 x4 x5), up hold, up release
  • Down tap (x1 x2 x3 x4 x5), down hold, down release
  • Config (x1 x2 x3 x4 x5)

No option for config hold or release, but I can see these events happen in developer tools… Any suggestion as to why those presses wouldn’t show up as device triggers?

I’m gonna throw out a guess here, but I would assume it’s on purpose since holding down config is used in multi-tap sequences to change settings and the switch.

Hmm. I suppose that makes some sense? Seems odd though, since all of the config taps require also pressing the paddle. Can anyone from Inovelli confirm?

I just came upon this.

Context: Wanted to set my Hold Config trigger to toggle night mode in the Adaptive Lighting plug-in, but no such device trigger exists as @kylepyke pointed out.

I can do it if switch is configured with Z2M, but not in ZHA (I’m migrating to ZHA slowly).

I can add it to an upcoming PR that’s waiting for confirmation on another piece. Once it’s in it will require updating to the most recent version of HA that includes it.

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That would be great @chack! At least feature parity will have been achieved!

Thanks @chack! Question about the individual LEDs as well… How feasible is it to have each LED show as a number entity in HA, similar to the ALL LED color/intensity entities?

Maybe that’s overly cumbersome. If you have on/off color and on/off intensity for each of seven LEDs, that makes…28 extra entities? Just curious because it’s not easy to script/automate the individual LEDs at the moment.

It would be technically possible, but I think the list would end up pretty cumbersome, especially since a lot of the descriptions cut off the full length so may lead to some confusion on what you’re changing.

What are you trying to automate with them (regular or one-off)? And using HA for automations or Node-Red?