Blue Series 2-1 Home Assistant ZHA integration– setting/clearing individual LEDS?

Does anyone use the Home assistant ZHA integration to set individual LED colors/notifications? I’m finding it overly difficult (compunded by the lack of documentation). While I’ve worked out a way to sort of get it to work, I’m wondering if there’s an easier way.

Some observations:

  • Setting the color of ALL LEDs is easy through device automations, but in order to set a single LED, you have to issue a cluster command.

  • Clearing a notification for all LEDs works well if you’ve set the LED color through device automations, but if you set an individual LED via cluster command, the only way to clear the notification is to issue the clear command to that individual LED– meaning– if you have all 7 LEDs set to individual colors, you have to clear each individually, and the ‘clear’ device automation does nothing. HOWEVER…

  • Double-tapping config to clear notifications works regardless of how the LEDs were set. There is no documentation (that I’ve found) for exactly which ‘clear’ command is being issued with a config double-tap, and no way to remap it using an automation in HA since there doesn’t seem to be a universal ‘clear’ command.

Does anyone have a different experience?

To set a single LED, I use the “Issue effect for individual LED” device action. Don’t know about clearing all of the notifications; I’ve only used “Issue effect for individual LED” with effect_type Clear. I would have expected “Issue effect for all LEDs” with effect_type Clear to work, but I haven’t tried.

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Anyone have information about setting individual LEDs in Zigbee2MQTT (Z2M)?
I had it working in ZHA, with a little trouble. But thought I see “Control Individual LED” in the “Exposed” tab, I don’t see how to set it in Automations.
(Z2M, Blue Switches, Home Assistant, Zigbee)