Blue Series 2-1 Home Assistant Zigbee2MQTT switch not working on wall

This is a weird one and I’m totally lost. I have a blue switch and a hardwired zigbee outlet from Jasco in my master bedroom. I have created a scene when the switch is on it turns the outlet on and one for off. In my zigbee2mqtt dashboard turning on the switch turns on the outlet (connect to 2 lamps). Same when switching it off. However, using the actual inovelli wall switch to turn on or off has no effect. I can hear the relay click on and off, but the outlet is not controlled.

Turning it on and off physically with the switch does not seem to update the mqtt dashboard either.


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Do you have local protection enabled?

I am not sure. I just disabled it. However, I did figure this out by changing my scene to respond to single tap up and single tab down rather than on/off. It now works as expected.

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Ya you want this setting disabled to be able use the switch as a switch at the wall.

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This is corrected in the latest Z2M dev release. It’s a missing binding.