Blue Series 2-1 Issues binding to Jasco Outdoor Smart Switch (outlet)

I’m using home assistant and ZHA.
Attempting to bind to this outdoor switch outlet:

This is what is happens: I start by binding the blue switch to the Jasco outlet. It works great.
The Jasco outlet will follow the switch on/off status as expected.

I come back a few hours later and… it no longer works. I turn the switch on and off and the outlet won’t respond, as if it is no longer bound. I use the app to control the outlet and it is working just fine (on its own).

Then I open the app, bind again test it a couple of times and it is great, I walk away for a couple of hours and… the rest you already know. I’ve been through this 4 to six times in the past couple of days.

The blue switch is indoors and the outlet outdoor, on the same wall, about 12ft apart (linear) so I don’t think distance is the issue.

Here is how I bind it:

  • Open the device page in HA.
  • Click on manage zigbee device.
  • Select the outlet and click bind.

Any ideas/suggestions?