Blue Series 2-1 LED bar: am I missing a part?

I finally decided to install one of the working Blue Series from my 10 pack. Everything went smoothly, but the LED bar looks wrong. Is my switch missing the diffuser? Here is a picture with the Blue Series on the left, and the Red Series on the right. It’s a bit hard to tell, but I can see the individual LEDs on the Blue Series - it’s not a bar.

I looked at the product page and the LED bar on that looks like I would expect. Thanks!

Edit: thought maybe I should hide the QR code of the switch.

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it appears to be missing the diffuser. It should look essentially the same as the Red

There has been some discusssion about an optional clear Lens that will be better for people who want to use a lot of individual LED effects. But I’m pretty sure they haven’t been made yet.

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I looked though the rest of my 10 pack and they all have a diffuser visible, including the ones that are being replaced for the connection issue. I assume I can somehow swap the paddle? It looks like there are tabs on the side that just need to be pinched in? If that’s the case, I can just swap one of the paddles on a "bad’ switch to this one.

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yes. The air-gap can be a little tricky but you have the right idea.

FYI - I also got 1 in my original 10 pack without a diffuser so its not an isolated case (but its one that is being replaced as its one of the bad ones anyway)

I had one that was missing a diffuser too. Contact support, they can send you a replacement panel/cover.

Man this missing diffuser piece is so frustrating, I’m very sorry this happened. It’s definitely been reported in tickets.

If anyone reads this and has this issue with the replacement switches or new switches, please let me know as we need to report this to the manufacturer.

Sorry again and hopefully this was just an issue with the original batch!

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I went ahead and logged a support ticket with the IEEE of the switch missing the diffuser. I’m due a replacement set for the bad IEEE sets, so if that hasn’t shipped yet, might as well just toss an extra paddle in my box :slight_smile:

BTW - The performance of the Blue Series is remarkably better than the Red. The dimming smoothness and control is already getting a better “spouse approval factor”!

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Yeah, I’m keeping my bad-IEEE switches in a parts box for stuff like that (faceplates that somehow break over time etc).