Blue Series 2-1 Randomly Turning lights on

I’ve got a new Blue Series 2-1 switch wired to 4 of these zigbee wafers in home assistant with ZHA. The switch is in smart bulb mode. It’s most impactful while we’re trying to sleep, the lights just turn on to 100% brightness, all 4 at once. I’m at the point where I’m pulling the air-gap before we go to bed.

Any ideas what’s going on and how I can stop this?


Can you describe your setup? Neutral/non-neutral? Firmware version? Wafer Binded to switch?

Some HA folks may ask for some logs as the wafers should not be turning on randomly.

Do you have automatic updates turned on? I believe there were a couple folks experiencing similar issues when their switches would update causing lights on in the middle of their sleep.

I have a neutral, firmware 2.08, the switch is bound to a group with the 4 lights in it.

The logs show no activity of any kind on debug when this happens. Though, I was previously having issues with the switch reporting to HA. Yesterday, I manually bound the switch to the controller, and haven’t given the issue time to reoccur since.

Home assistant is not auto updating.

I’d leave the switch on and turn off the hub overnight to see if it is hub related or not (regardless of logs).

Should not be happening, I agree.

I think it’s related to this issue: Blue 2-1 switch occasionally flashing lights off - #9 by grady. Some lights are dropping in and out of the network trying to route through my switches, and messages from the lights are crashing the switches, causing them to turn the lights on when the switch reboots. I’m going to close this one, and chase the issue in the other ticket.