Blue Series 2-1 Repair

So I have 3 Blue series switches that were affected by the signal issue and have received my replacements already. Now I know there are some people that were able to repair their original switches and make them ~90% effective again. My question is, is there anyone that was successful in this repair that would be willing to repair mine for a fee?

If this type of discussion is not allowed then please feel free to delete this post.

There may be some hobbyist that’ll do it for me for a fee. Also check to see if you have a local PCB repair shop nearby. They may be able to help you out too.

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Do you have a link to exactly what we need to fix on the switches in order to repair them?

I think this post has all the info you will need. There is also a video in that thread somewhere that shows how to take apart the switch so that it can be easily reassembled.