Blue Series 2-1 Switch won't factory reset

I have several of the Blue 2-1 switches, and I recently switched my coordinator, and had to re-pair all of my devices. But about half of my Blue switches won’t take the button combo for factory resetting. Half of them worked fine, the others I can’t get to accept any kind of configuration command (it won’t change the LED bar status for switch on/off, trying to configure as single pole/smart switch mode/dimmer/etc don’t give any feedback, factory reset never shows the green/yellow/red color cycle). I’ve been able to get the other half of the switches reset and working properly, so I definitely know how to do it right.

It also persists through pulling the safety disconnect. I’ve had them do this before when I was having some mesh issues, but when I just let them sit for an hour or two, it completely went back to normal. But now it’s been days, and these are the only devices I haven’t been able to re-pair to the mesh.

Make sure they’re not in the Smart Bulb Mode or Local Control disabled. Don’t remember if it’s like this for the Blues, but some Inovellis won’t reset with those enabled.

Oof, that’s entirely possible. Is there any way around that? The old coordinator is no longer available.

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We have a winner! That got it, thanks!

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