Blue Series 2-1: Z2M group bindings not working, only individual bulb bindings!

I’ve also made a post on the Inovelli subreddit, so apologies if I’m duplicating efforts here.

I’ve just got a couple of Inovelli Blue switches in. I installed one and I’ve got it in Smart Bulb Mode. I created a group with two Zigbee bulbs in it, and then I bound the switch to the group. The switch is unable to toggle the lights!

I removed the group binding and instead bound the switch to the two bulbs separately, and the switch is indeed able to toggle the bulbs this way. This includes dimming features.

I’d prefer to bind the switch to the group and have this work, but it doesn’t seem I’m able to. I’ve followed the exact steps at the Zigbee2MQTT Group Binding video which should match my description here.

Group binding definitely works in Z2M. I’ve got 6 bulbs in a group with the switch bound to it. Make sure you are adding the switch to the group as well.

Here’s a screenshot of my group

And one of my binding

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Oh, amazing! I didn’t realize that the switch had to be a member of the group as well as bound to the group.

Does it matter which endpoint is a member of the group, rather 1 or 2? I defaulted to 2 as this is where LevelCtrl and OnOff functionality of the switch is found.