Blue Series 2-1 Zigbee Multipress in Hubitat

I’m going to replace a Homseer Switch with an Inovelli Blue Series 2-1 (VZM31-SN on the latest firmware). I have 2 scenarios setup on the current Homeseer switch… double tap and triple tap using Hubitat’s Button Controller app. Will I be able to utilize triple tap with this switch and if so, how is it exposed? Just button 3 pushed/held? If there are 3+ taps, how many levels are available?

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Yes. You will configure for 3 push or 3 held depending on up or down paddle. I can’t remember but there’s 5, 6 or 7 taps that can be configured for the up and down paddles. You’ll have plenty of options. The config button can also be utilized as a scene too.

This was WAY easier than I’m used to. Had everything installed and running and replaced in about 5 minutes. Just… so great. Able to get rid of WebCore now. Also, there’s 12 “buttons” exposed. Crazy how much is built into the software of this switch. Thanks for your reply I’m good! And to think I was dreading replacing this thing for so long (because of how involved setting the LED on the Homeseer was with WebCore). I should have done this months ago.

For future reference… (I see you’ve got it working.)

Between the 4 or 5 different models and brands of button-exposing switches I have on hand, I can never remember exactly how each one of them exposes buttons. What I do is to perform the action on the switch, then look at the events log in the device page to see what it sent to Hubitat. Then I can go in and program the button actions.

(This is from a Homeseer switch, not Inovelli. It was closer. :slight_smile: )

Another way to do it is if you open the button controller and add a button. As long as the driveer is written properly, it will show you how many buttons you have to work with.
Screenshot 2023-10-16 080553

IIRC, the Inovellis are more intuitive than the Homeseer, but using your method, how do you know which button action corresponds to which physical action?

I agree, I was just saying how to know how many buttons you have to work with. Your way is how I figure out what corresponds to what.