Blue Series 2-in-1

I have a question that might be easy but I dont know. I did a quick search and I didnt find anything similar but I might of searched the wrong terms.

I have a Bue 2-in-1 switch configured in HA. This switch controls a plug outside that has string lights attached to it. It is configured as on/off no dimming. It works and functions correctly in HA. however I have it bridged into HomeKit and HomeKit treats it as a light (because its setup as a light in HA) and from HomeKit I can dim it. When I dim in HomeKit the switch LED shows its dimming.

Is there a way in HA to change this “light” to a “switch” so HomeKit will only turn on/off the switch instead of thinking it is a dimmable light?

I know with Zwave devices I can go into the control and change from light to switch but I dont see that same setting in Zigbee. Can anyone provide some guidance?

You can use a template to create a switch entity that would control it and then just hide the light entity from HomeKit. Otherwise I don’t recall if you can change entity types within HomeKit at all?