Blue Series 4-way Dumb Stopped Working

I have one Blue switch that was configured as a 4-way (3-way dumb mode), but has since stopped working correctly. Here are the symptoms:

  1. The switch will only turn on the lights if the dumb switches are in a certain position.
  2. The switch correctly reports on/off state if I flip the dump switches, even if the lights don’t turn on.
  3. The relay sound has stopped. It used to click.

Steps I took to attempt to repair this:

  1. Reset the switch (hold up+ctrl for 20 seconds) and reprogram (it is in 3-way dumb mode in on/off).
  2. Remove from Home Assistant, reset, and manually reprogram.
  3. Pulled the air gap and inspect wiring.

Something I haven’t done yet, but am considering is swapping out this switch for another Inovelli blue.

Things to note:

  1. I have about 80W total load, about 24 of which is 2 can lamp ballasted fluorescent bulbs. The rest are various LEDs.
  2. When I first installed the switch, I had some trouble getting it to work. I mapped all of the lines out using a multimeter for every switch (loads/travelers/neutrals/line). For some reason it started working again, which I initially thought was a bad connection. It could have been a coincidence, as I did not change the wiring.


Edit: I am more than willing to provide photos or wiring diagrams.