Blue series bind to zigbee group hubitat

Is there any way to (or any plans to) bind a blue series switch to a zigbee group of bulbs in hubitat?

I’m getting a lot of popcorn-ing and failed commands with binding multiple individual bulbs.

Few other threads running through this right now… But yes it is very possible. Use groups where possible.

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Groups works great within hubitat, but the zigbee bindings app recommended in the documentation does not seem to offer the groups as binding targets.

I have the same question. Using the “Groups and Scenes” app in Hubitat creates a new virtual device which can/does use ZGM. BUT you cannot chose that as slave device in the Inovelli Zigbee Binding app since it is a virtual device and not a Zigbee device. So the question is how can one create and then bind to a group in Hubitat, instead of needing to bind to each bulb?

Maybe I’m completely misunderstanding something fundamental, but I thought only true physical devices could be bound, so I don’t see how it would be possible to bind to a group at all…

A group is an artificial device, not a physical device. If the hub/controller goes down, the group ceases to exist. I don’t see how you could bind to something that exists only virtually/artificially.

But I’d be happy to be proven wrong - such a thing would indeed be cool!

If the hub/controller goes down, the group ceases to exist.

ZigBee group assignments are actually stored on the devices themselves i.e. a lightbulb knows that it’s assigned to groups 3, 7, and 9. It doesn’t know anything else about those groups or any other groups, but it knows which groups it’s a part of. Therefore, when a switch that it bound to group 3 says “hey group 3: turn on”, that message is broadcast through the ZigBee network and any bulb that knows it is part of group 3 will respond to the command. This doesn’t need the hub/controller to be alive to work.

This is only true for actual “ZigBee Groups” and not for any artificial groups that hubs might create. I’m not familiar enough with hubitat to know how it handles these two different group concepts, so my comment here may be moot if we’re strictly referring to non-zigbee groups.


Right on - that makes good sense - thanks for that additional color!

I don’t think Hubitat can do a true Zigbee Group, but once again, I would love to be proven wrong… Identifying which hubs/controllers/systems do have that capability would be a nice win for the community here. Thanks again!

Yes this is exactly right. The Hubitat group is a Hubitat device, BUT when you enable ZGM it must setup a Zigbee group and assign it to the Zigbee devices in the “Hubitat” group. So the question become how do you get this Zigbee group info, and then setup the Inovelli switch as the master of this group so a command becomes a single broadcast message and not “n” messages. And again how does one do this in Hubitat. Fairly sure I’ve seen instructions for other systems, but not Hubitat.

If you come up with the answer to this please share. I have a feeling this is why I’m getting inconsistent responses when binding 8 hue cans to a switch.

What exactly are you experiencing @Bfotmt? Perhaps similar to my issues documented here?

i read through that post, but i readily admit half of it went over my head.

Did you get a fix? I did run firmware updates on everything, but it hasn’t changed that the lights aren’t all responding to a switch. It’s clear there’s confusion because if you click off too quickly they’ll all come back on.

I’ve automated a lot of them on schedules through Hubitat and they’ve been perfect. So clearly there’s a switch issue or setting that I need to be adjusting. It’s just across the board whenever I have 3 ways set up with multiple hue cans.

Current setups, (that involve more than one blue-)
3 Pole - 7 Lights (can’t even get the 8th the respond so It’s on a different switch now)
3 Pole - 4 lights
4 pole- 5 lights
4 pole - 3 lights.

All have the same issue. Welcome input or fixes if you have any